• The French Crepe - Waffles Menu

    • The Classic

      With powdered sugar and sweet butter.

    • Waffle Marcel

      Your Choice - (a) Strawberry, (b) Apricot, (c) Raspberry Preserves (d) Chunky Apple Sauce, or (e) Marmalade. (Add 35¢ For Sour Cream)

    • Waffle Sorbonne

      Waffle Sorbonne

      The delightful duo of bananas and Hershey's chocolate syrup.

    • Waffle Versailles

      Waffle Versailles

      Martin's finest fresh strawberries, lightly sprinkled with sugar.

    • The French Crepe - Waffles Menu

    • Waffle Armando

      Bananas and walnuts.

    • Waffle Chez Moi

      Nutella (milk chocolate hazelnut cream made in Heaven). A favorite in Belgium!

    • Waffle Edgar

      Diced Pecans.

    • Waffle Papou

      Waffle Papou

      Sliced apples and ground cinnamon.Preserves.